Congratulations on creating your new Invention!

Let me show you how to protect it from being stolen.

Many people are familiar with "traditional" patent applications that have specific rules and requirements.  A well-drafted "traditional" patent application often costs $8,000-15,000 depending on complexity.

But, there's another option: a Provisional Patent Application.

If you're worried about someone stealing your new invention, a provisional patent application provides fast, cost-effective protection.

But, if you fail to include the right information in your application, you may not actually be protecting your invention.  Instead, you may have a false sense of security and begin disclosing your invention without any protection.

Confused about where to start (and not understanding what's required for a valid provisional patent application)?

I thought so!  My new Invention Protection Blueprint course is perfect for you.

Introducing: Invention Protection Blueprint

A step-by-step training that teaches you how to protect your critical inventions quickly and inexpensively, while achieving "Patent Pending" status.

In this course, you will go from feeling confused about how to protect your valuable inventions to feeling confident in your ability to secure patent protection for those inventions and experience peace of mind knowing your inventions are secure.

Who's Teaching This Course?

Hi, I'm Steve Sponseller. I've worked as an intellectual property attorney for more than 20 years. During that time, I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses protect their valuable inventions and gain peace of mind knowing those inventions are safe.

I have worked with individual inventors and companies of all sizes from startups to the largest corporations in the world (and everyone in between). This gives me a broad experience and positions me to bring you the best and most innovative intellectual property training.

I love teaching about intellectual property - that's why I created this course! In addition to my legal work with clients, I enjoy writing about intellectual property. My articles have been featured in Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, and other publications. I am excited to share my knowledge with you in this training.

In this Exclusive Training, I’m covering

>> HOW to avoid the #1 Mistake that may cause your provisional patent application to be Invalid
>> WHEN to file your provisional patent application to avoid "accidental" loss of patent rights
>> CRITICAL steps to take after filing your provisional patent application
>> The EXACT information that MUST be included in the written specification and drawings of your application
>> WHEN you can legally use the "Patent Pending" designation
>> Plus a whole lot more!


Provisional Patent Applications don’t have to be Intimidating

In this training, I’m breaking it down for you into bite-size steps so that you’re Empowered to take action on behalf of your business. My step-by-step system is easy to follow and has been tested by hundreds of clients just like you.

No more worrying whether someone else is going to steal your invention! And no more struggling with conflicting information on the Internet about protecting your invention. Hint: Do NOT listen to anyone who tells you that a basic sales brochure is all you need for a provisional patent application!

You’re about to get a clear picture of exactly what you need to protect that valuable invention.

Ken Lovett
CEO, Neuroprima Inc.

"Steve's training helped me understand what I needed to do to protect the inventions in my business. Based on the course training, I am confident that the intellectual property in my business is now protected. 

Using Steve’s advice, I was able to complete my first provisional patent application and significantly increase the value of my product! Now I can focus on growing my business."

Here's what's included in the Invention Protection Blueprint Course

MODULE 1 – Introduction to Inventions and Provisional Patent Applications 
  • What is intellectual property?  (An overview from an experienced intellectual property attorney - Me!)
  • Why you should use a provisional patent application instead of a "traditional" patent application?
  • What triggers the need for a provisional patent application?

MODULE 2 – Requirements for Provisional Patent Applications

  • What is the written description requirement?
  • Do I need drawings in my provisional patent application?
  • How do I determine the inventors?

MODULE 3 – Creating Your Provisional Patent Application

  • How to create a strong title, drawings, and written description.
  • Examples of INVALID written descriptions.
  • How to avoid common drafting mistakes in your application.

MODULE 4 – Filing the Provisional Patent Application with the USPTO

  • When to file your provisional patent application?
  • How to obtain "Patent Pending" status.
  • Provisional patent application filing tips.
MODULE 5 – Next Steps
  • How to manage your critical 12-month deadline.
  • Strategies for filing multiple provisional patent applications.
  • How to convert your provisional patent application into a "traditional" patent application.

Workshop Bonuses

Provisional Patent Application Worksheet

A worksheet that supports the video training sessions and outlines the framework needed for a valid provisional patent application.


Provisional Patent Application Checklist

More than 90% of the 1000+ provisional patent applications I have reviewed FAIL this checklist.  But, you will Check Every Item on the checklist by following this step-by-step training.  Your provisional patent application will be a "Top 10%" application!

Live Q&A calls with Steve

Get all your questions answered about preparing your own provisional patent application. These calls are Exclusively for people who purchase during the Launch Special.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

No-risk guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Invention Protection Blueprint course during the first 30 days after purchasing the training, just let me know and I will promptly issue a full refund.

Anna Sokolova

Founder, Global iDeals, Inc..

Steve is a special kind of legal professional. His passion in educating people on intellectual property rights coupled with a big picture, strategic approach to his clients’ needs makes his practice perfect. Steve's professionalism and integrity is of the highest I've ever come across in my career."

One Payment of


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Frequently Asked Questions

This training is designed to help any entrepreneur or business protect their inventions.

If you are an inventor, developer, engineer, or business leader this training is designed for you.

Anyone can implement the training in this workshop. I've explained everything in easy-to-understand language (unlike my law school professors!)

The course is organized into 5 Modules, each with a video training.  The five video recordings are about two hours of total content.

You can go through the training at your own pace, while taking action to implement the course materials in your business.

You can ask me questions during the live Q&A calls.

Dilip Venkatachari

CEO, SageX Solutions

"Steve is an excellent intellectual property lawyer. We've worked with Steve over the past twenty years, and continue to work with him. He is a quick study - in the course of just one meeting, he understands the core concepts of what we are trying to protect. Steve is easy and fun to work with!"


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